Leapers Mil Dot reticle

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Things I liked:This is a beautiful scope no doubt about it, clear glass. flip-ups, well made, no longer available to order though.
Things I would have changed:Nothing this scope looks like it would work very well on any gun.
What others should know:I mounted this scope on a tech force model 66 ( looks just like a QB-57). I was very disappointed no what i did could not get this scope to sight in, it would always be about 2 inches low, so i ended up mounting o.e.m. scope back on the rifle. At least now i am able to hit something with it. I would send it back if i could. A very hard rifle to be accurate with, takes a lot of practice.

Things I liked:It is a very beautiful scope
Things I would have changed:Don't really know
What others should know:I do not understand all the great reviews about this scope when i got this scope i thought that it looked great and was very inexspensive. I am very dissapointed in this scope i can simply not sight it in i would return it but i do not have the shipping box it came in any more plus it is past 30 days so i can't return it. I also wasted almost a full tin of pellets. i am very dissapointed with pyramidair for sending me a deffected product. the reason i say it is deffected is beacause when i shoot at a target or what ever, it shoots {depending on the range} 3 inches to the left i have tryed fixing it by moveing the scope turrents several clicks to the left when that didnt help i turned it several clicks to the right whitch didnt help either. i can turn the turrents in full cirles without a single difference. i may not order from pyramidair ever again if i only get defected products.
Things I liked:Nice focus, crosshairs and target both crystal clear
Things I would have changed:Nothing
What others should know:My Browning Leverage now shoots groups that are half the size of the original scope, which was included with the rifle!
Millett - Mil-Dot 4 - 16 X 50Mm Riflescope *** Product Description: Millett - Mil-Dot 4 - 16 X 50Mm Riflescope Millett(R) Tacticle Scope 4 - 16 X 50Mm Illuminated Mil-Dot Bar Reticle 30Mm Tube Fully Multi-Coated Optics 3.5" Eye Relief ***
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