Spotting Scope, Mil-Dot reticle

bushspot1When it comes to spotting scopes with a mildot or other range finding reticle in it, the choices are fairly limited. The benefits of having the spotter with ranging capability as well as having the higher precision of ranging with more magnification are desired and any time a spotting scope comes onto the market with a reticle, we take note with anticipation. The leupold Mark4 has been out for a while now and US Optics also offers a spotting scope with reticle, these are both about $1000 and are good choices. Now Bushnell has entered the market place with their new Excursion FLP 15-45x60mm Tactical spotting scope with mildot reticle which comes in at a significantly lower price.bushspot8 The question is, will the low price diminish the quality too much and make it unsuitable for the tactical role?

The Excursion FLP scope comes in its own carrying case and also comes with a tripod. The case is padded and has the custom fit foam to hold the scope in place. It fits fairly nicely in the carrying case though it would probably not work as a deployment case as it is fairly large and the way the bipod straps onto the bottom of the case doesn’t give a good feeling it’ll stay there at all times. The spotting scope itself has a protective cover around it that is designed to stay there permanently much like the Leupold Mk4 spotting scope.bushspot7 With that cover, it allows the scope to be stored in a ruck or other field bag that might be more suitable than the carrying case, which could be used more for long term storage.

The Spotting scope itself is of a similar shape and design as the Leupold unit, utilizing what is called a folded lightpath design allowing the scope to be more compact and not as long as you might see with other spotting scopes. The external dimensions are fairly compact making for a decent sized unit for tactical use. The design is fairly tall though so for prone use where a sniper is going to use it most, it requires a short tripod, of which the one provided is not very short. A spotter using this spotting scope and tripod in the prone is going to provide a fairly tall profile even when at its lowest position. Of course, for the price of this package, money has to be saved somewhere and as such the tripod is not the highest quality. It does have a bubble level on it and it is made of aluminum and has a decent enough mounting system for the tripod including a quick attach base that is attached to the spotting scope. But the durability does not feel as if it will be up to everyday tactical use. That combined with how tall the tripod is causes me to recommend replacing the tripod when funds allow.

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BESTEK® Optics Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24X50mm AOEG Red/Green Illuminated Mil-dot Reticle Crosshair Gun Scope with Ring Mounts and Lens Cover Illuminated Level: 5 Intensity (Red) and 5 Intensity (Green)
Sports (BESTEK)
  • Magnification: 6-24X, Objective Diameter: 50mm, Tube Diameter: 25.4mm/1 inch.
  • Field of view (m): 3.98~16.24, Click Value: 0~1/4 inch @ 100 yards. Eye Rifle (mm):75.94~81.53, Exit Pupil (mm):8.3~2.1.
  • Illuminated Level: 5 Intensity (Red) and 5 Intensity (Green). Red or green dot crosshair with front focus eyepiece adjustment helps you shooting the target fast...
  • eavy duty scope ring mounts for 20mm weaver dovetail rail only. Two scope ring mounts included.
  • Hard anodizing multi-coated lenses ensure a good hand feeling and avoid scratching. Lens cover included.
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