M1 6-24x60E Red&Green Mil-dot

Are Mil Dot Scopes good for hunting

And if I do it will probably be with my dads 30-06 that I borrow sometimes.

So it is safe for us to assume you are young, and don't have a lot of experience. I get that, we are all there at one point or another so I will try to be nice. Did you really read all the posts??? If you did, you NEED to read them again.

The only person that THINKS this:

a regular scope would be the best for low light situations

Also THINKS this:

Ok, so scopes don't gather light, they magnify ambient light. Red dots don't magnify ambient light which makes them less effective than scopes in low light situations.

You should seriously reconsider what advice you take.
Plainsman has more experience and probably puts more rounds down range than any 4 average guys on here, and People, from what I have read, is a very serious shooter too. They both say RED DOT. My personal experience is with Ultra Dot, and Tru Glo "tube" type red dots, and Burris, and EOTech "reflex" or "holo" sights. I can honestly say that against my $1000+ scopes set at the lowest power(4X, 5.5X, and 6X respectively), these red dots beat them hands down for low light situations, even with lighted reticles in my Valdada IOR, and NightForce scopes. For long range.well how long can you really go with a slug gun??? No need for any thing more than a red dot.

I tend to shy away from Tru Glo after the tube type red dot I used with my muzzle loader(very similar to my 870 with slugs) only lasted 4 pulls of the trigger before the objective lens fell out. The Ultra Dot has held up for well over 100 shots with my muzzle loader, and I also used it for indoor shooting with my .22 pistol. Pretty low light at our range, and it is still working at well as ever.

Any one use BLUE light in a scope or sight? I had a Konus M30 that had a blue lighted reticle, and I was surprised at how well it showed up. Never used it on any thing other than target shooting on an AR, and never when it was very dark, but it was different.

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