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What distance to zero a mil-dot scope?

I have a fixed 10x mil-dot scope. What is the recommended distance to zero the scope? I have read a bit about MPBR so you don't have to play around with hold over much but if you have a scope with turrets, where is the best place to zero. Do you zero at 100 yards and then use the turrets from there? Select 300 yards? I purchased a mil-dot master, so I think I can figure out how to adjust regardless of a 100 or 300 yard zero but was just wondering what is common practice, if there is such a thing.

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Have a few scopes with mill dots but never use them. Always without exception zero my rifles 2 inches high at 100yrds and therefore they will kill everything out to a touch over 200 without me having to hold off or whatever. Now if you are shooting long range small varmints then more precision may be needed and therefore I would say you need to start at the minimum distance you will shoot at and work from there using the mill dot system. An inch either way even on a fox out at 250yrds is not going to make any difference based on my way of doing things and 250 is pretty far out for where I shoot.
The one time I shot those little prairie rats in Wyoming my guide would not let me shoot anything under 300, said anything under was his breeding stock :-), so I zeroed my 17 Rem to that distance and held over from there on. Have to say got bored after about 50 rounds, not my scene.

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It really doesn't matter, other than what you are going to be doing with it.
My 308 is my 1, 000 yard shooter. I have it zeroed at 500, WHY? Because, that simple.

I have two scopes with Mil-Dots and I use them like a normal scope. Like Sus said, zero them at 200 and know what the holdovers are at the range I'm shooting. Might be leaving something on the table but I like simple.

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