Also have a cheap Red dot

BSA Mil Dot Scopes

When you need a high value hunting optic, look no further than BSA Optics. Why are their binoculars, rifle scopes, flashlights and more so good for hunting? Because they are built BY hunters. Every BSA Optic has the love and care of a dedicated group of professionals behind it, but there's also an extensive history and a story with everything they produce. BSA started over 100 years ago as a small union of gunsmiths in Great Britain. Originally known as the Birmingham Small Arms Company, this riflescope manufacturer has been involved in some of the most important events in human history. During WWI, BSA was primarily a munitions manufacturer, producing rifles, machine guns and other firearms for British soldiers. In addition to their other factories, roughly half the small arms for British Soldiers were produced by BSA. As their factories were targets during the war, it is not an exagerration that some BSA employees, in fact over 50, gave their lives in defense of freedom when bombs hit one of their factories. After the war, BSA got out of the munitions business and focused their efforts on optics. With such an extensive company history, you can be sure the quality of every optic they produce is of the absolute highest caliber. Today, BSA Optics continues the traditions they were founded on, and have taken their love of hunting and shooting and developed outstanding optics for a very reasonable price.

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SNIPER Side Wheel Red/Green/Blue Illumination Scope 6-24x50 With Quick Lock and Zero W/E Adjustment, Comes with Heavy Duty Ring and Flip-open Lens Cover and Front AO
Sports (SNIPER®)
  • Built on strong cardan joint platform to fulfill the most demanding requirements
  • Quick Tactical Lock and zeroing Adjustment Windage and Elevation
  • Adventure class lenses are multicoated with advantage solution to provide maximum light transmission
  • Side wheel Red Green and Blue Tri illumination
  • Completely sealed and nitrogen filled 100% shockproof waterproof and fogproof
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