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Mil Dot Rifle Scopes for Sale

Leupold Mark 4 rifle scopes come in many different varieties, but all of them combine high durability, rugged construction with powerful, clear optics for a rifle scope that can go anywhere and shoot anything. Long-range target shooters love the LR/T line, the Long Range/Tactical breed of Mark 4 rifle scope. These Leupold riflescopes are absolutely waterproof and ideal for tactical shooters and hunters. The Leupold Mark 4 series also includes the ER/T (Extended Range/Tactical) line of scopes, designed for M1 and M5 long-range rifles. A wide range of windage and elevation adjustments compliment the mil based adjustments and reticles on this Mark IV rifle scope, letting you make precise adjustments for the most accurate possible shot. Another breed of Leupold Mark IV scopes is the MR/T scope, built for medium range engagements with AR style weapons, the SCAR-H, and many other tactical firearms. Finally, Leupold also offers the CQ/T rifle scope in the Mark 4 line, a clever blending of a 1x red dot sight and a 3x rifle scope. The laser reticle of the CQ/T is always visible, and it's great for shooters who need to quickly switch back and forth from close to long range. Whether you'll be taking your rifle on the battlefield, to the range, or up a tree stand, a Leupold Mark 4 riflescope will give you an accurate shot every time.

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