Leupold Mark AR 3x9 Mil Dot

It’s not often a writer is given the opportunity to introduce a new product before the company announces it. In this case it happened. When a Leupold representative asked if I wanted to review a new scope they would be revealing at SHOT in January. Of course I jumped on it.

In this case our readers get to hear about this new Leupold AR scope first.This scope is called the Mark AR Mod 1 1.5-4 x 20mm. This scope has a matte black finish with a Fire Dot-G SPR reticle.

These are some of the revisions:

– Tactical, knurled elevation dials

– Green illuminated FireDot reticles

– 0.1 Mil dials for true Mil-Mil adjustments.

This is a tactical scope made for civilian use as well as police and others who have a need for this scope configuration. The Mark AR uses a standard Leupold picatinny mount. The mount is very sturdy and mounts tightly to the rail as well as the scope itself. Unlike so many mount and scope combinations I’ve used there is no play which means it held zero through four hundred rounds fired.

The scope comes with a very in depth manual which not only covers scope use but goes into a great amount of detail in using the SPR reticle. Topics cover reading the mil-dot type reticle as well as turret reading and adjustments.

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