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Field of view or FOV is a very important aspect (pun intended) of DayZ. I am going to guess that most of you have not customized your FOV, and some may have no idea what it is or why you might want to change it. Did you know that playing with the FOV settings wrong can actually make you sick? Plenty of people get headaches from straining to see a screen that is not set up correctly. There is also a massive tactical advantage to seeing the right amount, and the right parts of the screen.

What is FOV?

Phazon88 has created this animated .gif for Battlefield Bad Company 2 which uses the same system as ArmA 2 to set the FOV:

Pay attention to two things. One reason why we might want to increase our FOV from the default is because you get more peripheral vision. If you look on the left and right (the outside) of the two trees in the middle you can see that as the FOV increases, you can see more of the hill on the edge of the screen. This can be a life saver because often times a player has already seen you and has the drop on you. As you run by and pass him, he thinks you can’t see him anymore, but you can. Don’t forget that you can get a temporary FOV boost by either holding numpad – or by going into 3rd person view (numpad – works on there too).

Another situation that a wider FOV can help is in very close quarters battle, or CQB. Sometimes during CQB you might actually run past your adversary. Having a wider FOV can let you turn around and re-acquire your target much faster. This lets you spin around and get your shots off while he is still turning and looking for you. As well know the zombie AI is a little bit wild at the moment and a wider FOV can help you when you have multiple zed beating the crap out of you.

Of course there is a tradeoff to having a wider FOV. If you look in the middle of the .gif again you can see that as the FOV increases the center of the screen seems to get further away. There really is not too much I can think of to argue that this is good. Basically you are going to have a harder time seeing someone far away, and let’s face it, far away is deadly in this game. Be very careful when you choose your FOV. You have to decide where the optimal point is. For me it is around 90 in most games, but for DayZ 90 should be your max unless you have a large/wide monitor.

BEWARE: Changing your FOV will most likely alter the way mildots and ranging works. I am investigating how and how much and will report back. RadikulRAM reports that if you mess up your file you can delete it and ArmA will make a fresh one.

Go to the next page for a step-by-step guide on how to change your FOV for DayZ and ArmA 2.

Changing Your FOV

Although I have enjoyed many XBox360 or Playstation games in the past, one of the reasons that I almost always play on the PC is because of the ability (usually) to change your FOV. Some games have quick sliders of settings, but ArmA 2 does not. Matter of fact it is not easy at all for the average user to adjust their FOV so I am going to help you out.

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