DayZ m40a3 Mil Dots

  • Damage: 8000
  • Raw damage: 12
  • Audible range: 180m
  • Effective range: 800m
  • Rounds: 5
  • Extras: Scope, Camo
  • Fire modes: Single
  • Slot: Primary
  • Magazines: 5Rnd. M24
  • Source: Military

The M40A3 is the third bolt-action sniper rifle, and second military bolt-action sniper rifle, to be introduced in DayZ. It is the only bolt-action western sniper rifle to have a camouflage netting, perfect for ghillie snipers who prefer the western 10x "mil-dot" style scopes to that of the SVD's 4x "chevron" scope.

Performance-wise, it is identical to the M24; unlike the normal M24, however, it sports a ghillie camouflage netting, which makes it the perfect partner of a ghillie sniper and a stealth upgrade of sorts to the M24. Because its scope can be zeroed up to 800m, most players find this weapon easier to use than the SVD Camo, which is similarly decorated.

Like all western sniper rifles in DayZ, the M40A3 scope features MIL-DOTs (the dots found at steady intervals on the crosshair), which may be used to both make accurate shots on targets that are not at multiples of 100m and to shoot at farther than 800m. Each vertical mil-dot represents compensation for 50m. One critical flaw of the M40A3 is that, just like with the M24, its scope cannot be used in conjunction with NV Goggles, which severely hinders its nighttime usage.

Its ammo is also fairly common, as 1 DMR Mag. can be converted into 4 5Rnd. M24 clips. The rifle's bolt-action nature also forces accurate shot placement and ammo conservation, thus allowing the clips to last for longer.

The weapon's scope reticle can also serve as an improvised rangefinder to estimate the distance to the target.

At zoom level 2, a standing 1.8m target will be:

  • 1000m: 2.00 mil-dots
  • 900m: 2.22 mil-dots
  • 800m: 2.50 mil-dots
  • 700m: 2.86 mil-dots
  • 600m: 3.33 mil-dots
  • 500m: 4.00 mil-dots
  • 400m: 5.00 mil-dots
  • 300m: 6.67 mil-dots
Sports (AIM)
  • Reticle Type: Illuminate Green/Red RANGEFINDER
  • Ring: Heave duty high ring included
  • Tube Diameter: 1 inch Objective Diameter: 50mm
  • Magnification: 6-24x Eye Relief: 85mm - 90mm
  • Field of View: 0.8°(6x) ? 2.9°(24x) 2.08mm ? 8.33mm
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