Long range scopes don t really

DMR Mil Dot Ranges

Still would like to see a bit more detail on this - i know how mildots work but I think the actual magnification (before you hold zoom in right mouse button) is different between DMR and m24 - which might throw off the numbers between guns ?

btw, for my own dmr shooting i have been using these values:

0 - 400m
1.3 - 500m
2.7- 600m
4.2 - 700m
5.8 - 800m

this is while zoomed in - apparently that makes huge difference since un-zoomed in dmr is 300m

Now seeing this guide - definitely want to get my hands on m24 - the fact you can break down dmr mags into m24 mags just makes that weapon so much more attractve! DMR is still my prefered weapon by far however nice fat 20 round mags, not as loud as m24, can put a lot of rounds on target very very fast.

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