Hawke 3-9x50 Mil Dot
Hawke Optics Nite Eye 3-12x50

Hawke 3-9x50 Mil Dot

Verified Purchase Really really nice scope very good zoom range and seems nice and strong, simple to use and you can even adjust the scope with your hand rather then having to use a coin.

My only issues with this are as follows,

1. I would have really liked it to have come with a air rifle mount as well as the 20mm and would have been happy to have paid more for it if it came with one, due to it not i have had to buy a tall air rifle mount as my normal one that works with my 4x32 scopes are about 1cm to low so the front of the scope hits my gun and wont fit on right.

2. It may have just been because i mounted it on my crossbow to see what it was like "as that was the only thing i have with a fixed 20mm rail" but it seems like one of those scopes that you have to be looking just in the right place to get the full view of the cross hair.

3. Last thing i'm not to keen about is the overall thickness of the cross hair, it seems pretty thick and i can tell on long shots it's going to be hard to see where i'm aiming.

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