Sniper 3-9x50 AO

Leupold 3-9x50 Mil Dot

has a sleek, stylish look and clean lines that create less bulk atop your rifle.

The VX-R riflescope has a rugged 30mm maintube, which offers an increased range of adjustment for windage and elevation over traditional 1" tube. Finger click adjustments for windage and elevation (1 cm per click) offer absolute repeatability and dependability over a lifetime of extreme use.

VX-R is available with Leupold exclusive FireDot Reticle System. Once activated, the dot within the reticle illuminates with bright, sharp definition, while the rest of the reticle is non-illuminated. This combination leads your eye naturally to the center aiming point and makes target acquisition quick, precise, and simple.

This model riflescope comes with a FireDot 4 reticle, where the bold post with extra-bright centerpoint dot helps drive the eye to the center of the reticle and keeps the upper field of view free of obstructions. Aids in fast target acquisition.

The VX-R uses Leupold's exclusive Motion Sensor Technology (MST). A single touch of the button activates the illumination, offering eight different intensity settings including a high/low indicator. The exclusive FireDot reticle will automatically switch to "stand-by mode" after five minutes of inactivity, then reactivate whenever the rifle is moved. This eliminates the need for excess movement reaching for buttons, while extending battery life (the VX-R is powered by a readily available CR-2032 coin cell battery).

The one-turn, non-locking eyepiece accommodates a wider spectrum of visual acuity, even in diminishing light. Near-sighted, far-sighted, or anywhere in between, adjusting the focus of the VX-R is smooth, fast, and precise. An Alumina rubber eyepiece guard is included with every scope.

Another Leupold-unique feature that manages light transmission to your advantage. The blackened lens edges work to reduce unwanted glare and diffusion through the lens edges. By using edge blackening, glare from the lens edges is eliminated, resulting in better resolution, improved contrast, and superior optical performance: no matter what the conditions.

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Sports (SNIPER®)
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