Mil Dot estimation Guide

A must for anyone who has a Mil-Dot scope. An analog calculator designed similar to a slide rule, performs the following operations: Range to target, bullet drop and wind drift compensation, angle of fire for uphill and downhill shots.

Technical Information: Mildot Master Range and Bullet Drop Calculation Guide

Material: Flexible plastic, comes with instruction manual.


  • An analog calculator designed along the principle of a slide rule, utilizing logarithmic and inverse logarithmic scales developed specifically for performing the following operations:
  • Calculation of range to target, based on a measurement of the target with a mildot reticle, by aligning the estimated target size directly opposite the mildot measurement, and then reading the range at an index mark.
  • Calculation of the amount of sight correction necessary to compensate for bullet drop and/or wind drift for a given range, enabling the shooter to determine either the equivalent telescopic sight adjustment (minute-of-angle, or MOA) or the equivalent hold-over (mils), by reading equivalents in both MOA and mils directly opposite the bullet drop/wind drift figure.
  • Angle of fire for uphill or downhill shots can be accurately measured, and the up/down compensation can be closely calculated to reduce the errors such shots can induce.
Leupold Leupold Mark 4 Lr/T 4.5-14X50Mm M1 Matte Mil Dot 54560
Sports (Leupold)
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  • Their accuracy is proven in the field. Their rugged and absolute waterproof integrity is unquestionable
  • They are everything a long-range competitive shooter, target shooter, or hunter could ask for.
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