Mil Dot range estimation formula

Leapers Range Estimating ScopesAt discount price. OpticsPlanet, Inc is an Authorized US Distributor for . All by from our online store come with Full Manufacturer Warranty.

is available with the following options:

Features of Leapers Golden Image 4X32 Mini Size Range Estimating Mil-Dot Scope:

  • Golden Image 4X32 Mini with 5th Gen Body.
  • Mil-Dot Reticle, Sapphire Coating, Classic Elastic Lens Cover.
  • SCP-432M1@100yds

Leapers Golden Image 4X32 Mini Size Range Estimating Mil-Dot Scope belongs to Leapers Golden Image Rifle Scopes. Golden Image Riflescopes are the most rugged and practical . Mature and filed proven, these offer unique features for unique requirements: ' UTG Under the Gun technology, advanced RE Range Estimating Reticles, RI Reticle Intensifying technology, and TS True Strength Recoil Resistant Platform.

A full line of is available from OpticsPlanet, Inc. For a complete selection of products by on sale please visit page on our website. For more brand name please visit our store section. In the past few years, the Leapers Range Estimating Reticle has begun to be recognized as a very useful tool by hunters and shooters around the world. With some patient learning and practices, this tool can enhance shooting accuracy and performance in ways not imagined before. has two of types of Range Estimating Reticles. Tactical Range Estimating & Advanced Range Estimating technology lets you achieve that perfect shot.

Tactical Range Estimating utilizes the Mil-Dot Range Estimating technology for your . Regular mil-dot reticles on the market usually consist of 9 different aiming points, not the Tactical Range Estimating Reticles by . This reticle features 24 mil-dots. How the Mil Dot technology works is it allows you to figure out how far your target is by measuring in mils through your . First, you line up your center mil-dot on your equiped with TRE Technology, by knowing some basic information about your target your are able to make a calculation using the mil-dot ranging formula. Each with TRE comes with a pre-calculated mildot table compiled of most used distance estimates to aid the you in calculation. Armed with this technology, you can compensate for the bullet's drop accordingly and make great things happen!

Leapers Advanced Range Estimating Reticles offer maximum precision at long ranges. The Leapers ARE Range Estimating Technology gives you pin-point accuracy hundreds of meters away.

  • 24 mil-dots, which include 6 dots on each direction giving you 13 to 15 aiming points, depending on inner tips of the duplex cross hair
Mil-Dot Range Estimating:
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  • Focus adjustment
  • Dust cover included
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