NF Close Range Mil-Dot Reticle

Mil Dot range Master

The Mildot Master® exhibits numerous advantages over the use of a conventional handheld electronic calculator:

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No conversion of estimated target size from inches into decimal equivalent of yards is necessary, as the Target Size Scale is in increments of feet and inches.

No entry of data or operations through a keypad is necessary, as the device is purely analog and only requires the alignment of figures on scales.

No memorization of formulae is necessary, as the correct formulae are built into the scales.

No complex calculations for determination of telescopic sight adjustment or hold-over at various ranges are necessary, as the scales of the device convert drop/drift figures directly into both MOA and mils.

No separate data sheet is necessary for bullet drop figures, as the reverse side of the device is designed to accommodate either commercially available data decals or user-produced data strips.

Speed of calculations necessary to determine range to target and required telescopic sight adjustment and/or hold-over can be significantly reduced by using this device in lieu of a conventional hand-held electronic calculator.

The Mildot Master® is comprised of only two parts and utilizes no electrical or electronic parts. It needs no batteries, and its simplicity of construction and operation results in extreme reliability under adverse conditions.

Unlike an electronic calculator, the Mildot Master® can measure the angle of a shot (up to 60 degrees above or below the horizontal), and can be used to correct for the effects of uphill/downhill shooting.

Sportsman Supply Inc. Nikko Stirling Targetmaster 4-16x44 Mil-Dot Illuminated Scope, Black
Sports (Sportsman Supply Inc.)
  • Side parallax
  • Focus adjustment
  • Dust cover included
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