Mil Dot Rangefinder Card

20110328-141828.jpgA few weeks ago, I submitted the third major version of Mil-Dot Rangefinder Pro under a new name Mil-Dot Ballistics. Why the name change? Well, unlike it’s little brother Mil-Dot Rangefinder, the name Mil-Dot Rangefinder Pro was a little vague, and didn’t really hint at the primary functionality of the app, Ballistics Calculation.

The major goals of this release where:
-Simplify the user interface
-Make the controls faster and more accurate
-Make volatile parameters accessible from the reticle display
-Make solution information easier to read.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the data presented on the main reticle display is much easier to read, and you have much easier access to the volatile parameters (L.O.S. Angle, wind speed/direction, and target speed) than the.

But probably the biggest improvement in the controls is the method of adjusting the reticle subtension and target size. The linear finger dragging adjustments of the previous versions have been replaces with dials that you can adjust precisely or flick to make large value changes quickly. When you flick/swipe the dial, it will freewheeling and coast to a stop. This allows you to make fast, yet accurate value changes.

Other new features:
-Target size presets
-Moving target lead calculation
-Moving target speed presets
-Two modes of operation “Find Range” and “Find Target Size”
-Training Mode
-New solution info display offloads non critical solution data to keep the display as readable as possible
-4 new anchor points allows you to mil your target from the center of the reticle up down left or right
-Double tap to change units (target size, range, windage and elevation)
-Print range cards directly from your device to an air print compatible printer
-MOA reticle
-Use GPS to acquire weather conditions
-Extensive bullet library
-Variable BC support
-Configurable windage/elevation hold display

A special thanks goes out to Matt and Brent for all your input and testing. Without your help, Mil-Dot Ballistics wouldn’t be what is today.

BARSKA 8-26 in. x 50 mm Benchmark Scope
Lawn & Patio (BARSKA)
  • Optics Product Type Rifle Scopes Outdoor Living Product Type Hunting Supplies
  • Product Weight (lb.) 1.6 lb Returnable 30-Day
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