Mil Dot ranging practice

AGS-17 with Owl sightThis is a Russian soldier with a Plamya automatic grenade launcher with Owl sights. The Owl triangulates on the sound of rifle fire and provides the gunner with an aiming point even if he cannot see you. It takes courage to shoot at him knowing of the hail of grenades you will get in return if you miss. People who are fat and happy and have the money to buy a Mark IV do not need a Mark IV. But desperate men and women with $400 tactical scopes on $600 deer rifles walk through the Plamya gunner’s nightmares.

In this article I will compare three rifles scopes, all of which I own and have tested on a high-power rifle. All three list for less than 0, a sum that most people can come up with; if you shop around, you can find them for about 10% less. The chart below displays their technical specifications.Independence Square The minimum needed to qualify as a tactical scope is finger-adjustable elevation and windage dials and a reticule that measures mils.

The $1750 Leupold is not being reviewed but is shown for comparison. It’s features are essentially the same as the Bushnell but it has better glass than all three of the scopes being reviewed, which is why it costs over four times as much. The quality of the glass is not exaggerated. I have used a military-issue Mark IV and the image is surprisingly clear; one can shoot for another fifteen minutes at dusk and, in the daytime, one can see bullet holes in paper targets that are invisible to lesser scopes.

But the reality is that snipers are expendable in the same way that fighter pilots once were. After Pearl Harbor, we put everybody who volunteered for it through a month of pilot training and sent them to face Japanese pilots with years of stick time over China and Korea. The good ones became aces and the weak one cost the government a Corsair, which were rolling off Detroit assembly lines faster than Chevrolets ever did. Similarly, if the Red Army is massing on your eastern border, you are not going to win that fight by putting a $4000 rifle and an $1800 scope in the hands of the national 1000-meter bull’s eye champion while ignoring the other 45 million citizens who volunteered. For the price of a single T-84, the government could give every citizen who qualifies (pass a background check and verify that one is not a criminal or a communist) a $600 rifle and a $400 tactical scope. Housewives and file clerks will be picking off Green Men from every apartment and office window!

If you just want the lowdown on these scopes, scroll to the end of the review and you will find the same chart with stars (one to five) denoting how well each scope performs in each category and a brief summary of their overall performance.

A BTR-80 is 76” from the grounds to the top of the hull. A Ural truck is 76” from the running board to the top of the cab. A Tiger truck is 76” from the bottom of the hull to the top of the roof. A Kamaz truck is 76” from the bottom of the bumper to the top of the roof and also from the bottom of the tailgate to the top of the canopy.

Monstrum Tactical Monstrum Tactical 1.5-4x24 Rifle Scope with Mil-dot Reticle and 30mm Offset Mount
Sports (Monstrum Tactical)
  • Tactical rifle scope providing crystal clear targeting at 1.5-4x magnification, with a 24mm objective diameter and an eye relief of 3.5-3.8 Inches
  • Glass mil-dot reticle for on-the-fly range estimation and long distance targeting
  • Dial controlled reticle illumination in both red and green with multiple brightness intensities
  • Includes 30mm offset Cantilever dual ring mount with integrated top rails
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction with a 30mm sealed, nitrogen charged tube for resistance to water and fog
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