ProStaff 4 12x40 Mildot Dot
Mil Dot reticle, 4-12x40

ProStaff 4 12x40 Mildot Dot

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We use the 3-9x40 and 4-12x40 prostaffs.Have several of each with the bdc reticle and I love them. Since I started using them a few years ago so has my Wife, Dad, Brother, Nephew, Wife's Grandmother, Uncle and a couple of coworkers. Switching from mid and low leupold and higher end burris and quite thrilled with the results on all fronts. That should tell you something. The scope snobs are always out there and it's unavoidable some twit figures it is junk because you did not spend two grand on it but they have good glass and hold a zero even under some pretty hard use. Obviously they are not high end with bells and whistles but they are best bang for the buck out there. I have not used there mil dot prostaff yet and just saw it on midway for the first time last week but based on our luck with them so far I would say Try one and I bet for the money you'll be pleasantly surprised. $164 from midway right now.good luck

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