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Schmidt & Bender 3-12x50 Mil Dot

One of our most versatile scopes the Schmidt & Bender 3-12x50 Police Marksman II Scope allows precise shot placement to 1000 meters yet still presents an exceptionally wide field of view at low power. An outstanding performer in poor light. Available with parallax adjustment or with parallax adjustment and illuminated reticles.

Two elevation/windage options are offered; Option One has one-centimeter click values with an elevation range of 220cm at 100m. Option Two is our "double turn" elevation knob with increments of 1/4MOA per click. Elevation range is 56MOA at 100m. Windage is also 1/4MOA per click, with a total adjustment of 14MOA. Offered with P1 or P3 rangefinding reticles.

P-1 (Bryant) reticle
The P-1 Reticle was developed for Schmidt & Bender by Deputy Sheriff Robert Bryant, who has many years of experience as a SWAT team member and advisor to police departments. You will find the Bryant design very user-friendly and exceptionally efficient in high stress situations.

The horizontal lines under the crosshair make it possible to estimate distances up to 500 yards by cradling an 18" object between them. The posts, lines and the circle are all proportioned to help in rangefinding and in making allowances for wind or movement. Complete details are included with the scope.

P-3 Mil-dot reticle
The P-3 Mil-dot Reticle was developed by the U.S. Marine Corps in the late 1970s as an aid for the Marine sniper in estimating distances. It has since become the military standard for range estimating within all branches of the service.

The name mil-dot comes from the term millradian, and the dot that is spaced in 1 mil increments on the crosshairs. By using the mil formula, a table can be generated based upon the size of the object being range-estimated. This table is included with the scope. The object viewed is bracketed between the dots, and by consulting the table the distance can be estimated.

P-3 Mil-dot illuminated
This unique reticle provides adjustable illumination of the crosshairs between the four dots closest to the center of the reticle. This feature greatly aids in precise shooting in very poor light and against dark backgrounds.

A third turret on the left side of the scope allows complete intensity control from off to bright with ten precise click stops. The Schmidt & Bender design turns off the reticle between click stops, allowing you to quickly restore the illumination level you have preset (according to lighting conditions) with a slight turn of the knob.

This is a distinct advantage over other illuminated reticle scopes that require you to search for the proper setting when time might be of the essence, or that can ruin your night vision by coming on too bright.

The illuminated portion of the reticle is fully adjustable without removing your eye from the scope or the rifle from your shoulder.

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