Simmons Mil Dot 6-24x50
Series Rifle Scope 6-24x

Simmons Mil Dot 6-24x50

Great Budget Scope
APPEARANCE: I purchased this scope for a Saiga 223, which it compliments quite lovely. The finish is actually a matte, though the picture here makes it look glossy. This scope does not come with rings, though that's fine with me as it did not advertise so, and usually scopes don't anyway.

FUNCTIONALITY: The ability to adjust focus and zero and all that is great on this scope. Easy to use and full of adjusting (if you're OCD about your settings like me). It comes with two clear lens covers that have a mild tint that brings out the light in a more color contrasted way. Zoom works excellent and is smooth to operate.

DELIVERY ON PROMISES: This scope loses on star here because it's ability to take in light is good, but not great. I can see well at dusk or in a rain storm, but it has a hard time adjusting to a good focus when it's even darker, like a moonlit night. It can focus pretty well, but not crystal clear at maximum zoom in the dark.

Overall, I still...
Recoil is this scopes worst enemy!
I want to start this review with the positives. I liked the range and clarity, for the price. The turrets are crisp and the clicks are bang on. With a little math I put the second shot on the bulls-eye at the indoor range, and with the scarcity and the price of ammo that is as good as it gets. Now for where things started to go south. I mounted this scope on my bolt action 7mm Rem. Mag. which is a bit of a beast when it comes to recoil, this scope just would not hold zero at 100 yards. I chased my tail for about 10-12 shots before I gave up, with a box of 20 rounds averaging $35 I was pretty upset wasting that many rounds just to take the scope off and put it on my Marlin Model 60. I have 4 Barska scopes and they all have met or exceeded my expectations. It is partially my fault, I should have had more respect for the recoil dealt by my rifle. To sum it all up, if you are planning to mount this on any popular varminter rifle ., go for it it is a great scope...
not bad
scope is fairly clear until you get to the higher magnifications but for 79 bucks it is very hard to beat

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SIGHTRON Sightron SIII SS 10-50x60mm Long Range Mil-Dot Rifle Scope
  • Magnification: 10-50X
  • Object Diameter: 60
  • Eye Relief: 3.8-4.5
  • Reticle Type: Mil-Dot
  • Click Value: .05 MRAD
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