SWFA 10x Mil Dot

ss1042-1This scope has been one of the most requested scopes to have reviewed. We initially have been reluctant to perform a review because of the large number of online reviews already about this scope but the request demand was so high we figured it was probably about time to perform our own review and see how it does. I have used a few of these scopes in the past and they have always seemed to perform well for what they are, but based on the demand from you the readers, it was apparent that it was time to do an in-depth review.

First we will start out by saying that the SWFA SS scopes have had a checkered and somewhat controversial past. The original “Super Sniper” scope was designed and sold by Tasco and by all reports were a good scope. I never did get a chance to use one of the original early Tasco versions, but I do know that as Tasco began to come on difficult financial times the quality of the Super Sniper scope deteriorated to the point that they were much like the rest of the poor quality Tasco lineup… and then the company was sold.ss1042-2 At that point in time, things get better because the SWFA (riflescopes.com) company, and Chris Farris in particular, organized the purchased of the exclusive rights for distribution of the SS scope. They worked with the manufacturer to get the quality back up to the original scope’s standards as well as made a few changes over the years to improve the scopes. That brings us to today.

By all accounts, the SS scopes made today are much better than the “lean years” at Tasco and are right there in quality with the original version. Another thing that SWFA appears to have changed is the dropping of the “Super Sniper” name from the lineup.ss1042-3 Everywhere on the web page the scope is now referred to as the SS, which is probably a wise move as the Super Sniper name is not only a bit silly, but also has some of that checkered past associated with it that would be good to separate from. But in the same light, why do they still send the old documentation and manuals from Tasco with the Tasco name plastered everywhere? I would think they would want to separate themselves from the Tasco name all together and even a basic sheet or two of paper (IOR comes to mind) would be enough to get basic instructions on and would be affordable and they could put the SWFA name on it.

Speaking of affordable, that is one thing that should be mentioned here. These scopes range from $320 for the rear focus models to $420 for the side focus version which is on the “affordable” end of the tactical scope scale. SWFA claims that by removing the middlemen in the distribution process they are able to offer these scopes at a much reduced price. They claim they would run in the $800 range if handled through normal distribution channels. While I’m not sure if that figure is completely accurate, there is truth to what they say. But it does need to be remembered that these scopes are on the affordable side and as such that is the level of scopes we’ll be comparing them to in this review.

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