Fixed power Mil Dot Rifle Scopes

Fixed power Mil Dot Rifle Scopes

I got into precision/long range shooting about 7 years ago at which time I have heard nothing but good things about the Super Sniper / SWFA SS line of scopes. They have built a great reputation of being simple yet durable. The only thing that has held me back from getting one was the lack of matching knobs and reticle. Fast forward to 2012 and as we all know, SWFA began offering them with .01 milrad knobs and an improved reticle over standard mil-dots, the milquad.

I ordered one of these new scopes to act as a temporary optic for a custom .260 I recently had built. Like a lot of other people, personal finances can be tight and strict household budgets have to be maintained. I purposefully have more taxes than needed withheld from my paycheck so that I will get a decent sum back every year. I use my tax return as a savings/splurge account every year. This year that money is earmarked for a top of the line rifle scope, which is likely going to be a March-F.

Three weeks ago I placed an order for the SS10x42MQ from SWFA and received it the following week. Due to working nights and 12+ hour days, I didn't have time to mount it right away. I took it to work with me and used that opportunity to "glass" things at night. What I found was very respectable; as long as there was ambient light sources, street lights, porch lights, headlights, etc. the target image was clear enough for identification and sight picture purposes. The reticle was bold enough to be seen and use as a ranging/hold over tool. The one down side I noticed was stray BRIGHT light on the objective lens would tend to reflect and hamper the image. This only occurred with very bright light at certain angles.

Low light quality was decent, compared to a Nikon Monarch and older Vari-x II it was about the same. The same light reflection issue occurred at dusk and dawn when looking at certain angles to the setting/rising sun. I had a Mark 4 sunshade sitting around so I taped it to the objective end of the scope. This made a huge difference, enough so that I would recommend carrying one with your load out gear for those needed times. I have not had the opportunity to try an ARD, but this may help to reduce the reflected light as well.

Aim Sports Aim Optics 4X40 Fixed Power Full Size Scope/Mil-Dot/Blue with Rings, Large, Black
Sports (Aim Sports)
  • Magnification: 4X
  • Tube Diameter is 1
  • Objective is 40 mm
  • Reticle is a mil-dot
  • Eye releif is 3.5
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