Tasco Mil-Dot Rifle Scope

Recently, I have had the opportunity to work with a new variation of Tasco's target scope called the Varmint / Tactical. The scope is much like Tasco's other excellent target scopes, with the exception of the reticle. The new scope features a true Mil-Dot range finding reticle. Contrary to popular belief, the "Mil" in Mil-Dot does not stand for "Military", even though the reticle was developed for the U.S. Marine Corp snipers in the late 1970s. "Mil" is short for milliradian, a unit of measure. The radian system is a measure of rotation, much like degrees. Instead of using degrees, minutes, and seconds, the Mil-Dot reticle uses milliradian to find the distance to a target of known size.

For most practical purposes, all we need to remember is that the distance between the dots, on center, subtends 36 inches (one yard) at 1000 yards, or 3.6 inches at 100 yards. If you know, for instance, that an average man is six feet (two yards) tall, and covers the distance of two dots, he is 1000 yards away. If he covers four dots, he is 500 yards away. It is easier to understand with the Mil-Dot reticle drawing included at bottom right.

Another very practical use of the Mil-Dot reticle in the Varmint / Tactical scope is to use the lower dots on the vertical reticle as aiming points for extended yardage. By knowing the distance to the target, a shooter can use the lower dots as reference points to hold over to allow for the falling trajectory of the bullet.

With the target turrets provided on the Varmint / Tactical scope, a shooter can also easily rotate the elevation knob to compensate for bullet drop at long range. The adjustment knobs on the scope are precisely repeatable and easily zeroed to a particular rifle.

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